How to Send Bulk Emails With Mautic Quickly

If you choose a premium service, you will have to fork up a fortune to send an infinite number of emails. But then I discovered the Mautic marketing automation platform, which aids in scaled-back email marketing. I’ll therefore demonstrate how to send bulk emails using Mautic for nothing today.

One of the best methods for connecting with clients and promoting your goods or services is email marketing. But if you don’t have the necessary tools, sending bulk emails can seem like an overwhelming chore.

You may send bulk emails with Mautic, a strong and open-source marketing automation platform, with ease. Let’s kick things off with a brief introduction.

What is Mautic

To handle their content, social media, and email marketing, companies of all sizes use the open-source automation application called Mautic. Mautic is a versatile tool that I enjoy because you can integrate it with outside programs.

View this video for a description of this marketing tool.

You can enjoy tons of these features of Mautic:

  • Send bulk emails
  • Build a campaign
  • Segment your list
  • Do the A/B testing
  • Manage your content
  • Track all the activities
  • Help retain customers
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Curate dynamic content for personalization
  • Create and design emails and landing pages
  • Generate and nurture leads with contact scoring

The outstanding online community of Mautic is what I appreciate about it the most. The community forums for Mautic are fantastic for exchanging ideas, getting assistance, and asking questions with other Mautic users. There will always be individuals available to assist you in finding a solution.

Mautic Pricing

Mautic is free if you want to use its core features. But if you’re going to enjoy the marketing automation tool with no limitation, you need an upgrade. You need to get a quote for this based on your needs.

Mautic Pricing

But there are two significant subscriptions available:

  • Maestro starts as low as $100/month
  • Mautic Cloud Pro begins as low as $500/month

So you need either of these plans to enjoy full API access with tons of users, databases, and email deliveries.

Mautic Documentation

Mautic Documentation

The application’s installation, configuration, and usage are all covered in detail in the Mautic documentation. System requirements and developer assistance manuals are both included in the documentation. On the website, you may also discover other resources like video tutorials.

Mautic’s Email Delivery

By establishing a connection with a third-party email provider, Mautic can be used to send mass emails. Mainstream email providers including Gmail, MailChimp, Sendgrid, and others are supported by the application. To reap the rewards, add the email protocol to your website.

Emails can be sent instantly or in bulk. Sending emails in batches will help you get better outcomes, in my opinion. Mautic’s reaction time will be slowed down by immediate email transmission.

Before sending out bulk emails, check the PHP limit. And to set up a cron job in your hosting, use this command.


php /path/to/mautic/bin/console mautic:email:process –env=prod


Adding a delay between batches is another option. I advise implementing a minimum five-minute delay. This will lessen the chance of setting off spam filters.

The next step is to configure your email templates. You can make your own templates or utilize the ones that come with Mautic by default. The default templates are unimaginative and unprofessional-looking. They are a great place to start, though.

How to Send Bulk Emails With Mautic Without Spamming

You can send bulk emails using Mautic, a free but effective marketing tool. It’s a fantastic substitute for pricey email marketing software. You may send a lot of emails using this technique without annoying your subscribers.

1. Download & Install Mautic

The installation process is straightforward. To send bulk emails with Mautic, you need to install it first. Just follow these steps:

1. Download Mautic from the official website after entering the information the page asks.

Download Mautic

2. Extract the files and upload them to your web server.

3. Create a database for Mautic and assign a user to it with full privileges.

4. Run the installation script by visiting

5. Enter the database information and click “Install Mautic.”

That’s it! You have installed Mautic now. If you don’t have a server to install Mautic, you can try the Mautic hosted platforms for free and upgrade later.

Also, read: How to Warm Google Workspace Account to Send Emails Quickly.

And if you feel stuck, you can always follow the Mautic Installation Wizard instructions.

2. Configure to Connect Your SMTP with Mautic

It’s time to start delivering email marketing campaigns now that Mautic has been installed and configured. The first step is to link Mautic with your SMTP server. Mautic will be able to send email campaigns on your behalf thanks to this.

With Mautic, you can utilize any of a number of SMTP servers. Use of a third-party SMTP server, such as SendGrid, Mailgun, or SparkPost, is advised. These providers provide dependable email delivery choices and aid in increasing email deliverability.

You can use your SMTP server if you don’t know how to use one or don’t want to utilize a third-party service. To make your server compatible with Mautic, you must configure it.

Configure Your SMTP Server

If you are using your SMTP server, the first step is to configure your server to send emails through Mautic. This process will vary depending on your SMTP server.

Here’s what you need to do to connect Mautic with an SMTP server:

1. Log into your Mautic account

2. Go to the dashboard and click on the ‘Setting’ icon

3. Jump on the ‘configuration’ section now.

4. Go to ‘Email Settings

5. Select the ‘Service to send email through’ option.

And I also use Amazon SES on another system for my business. Here’s the entire course on building your email marketing system with Amazon SES and Mautic:

6. Enter your SMTP credentials.

7. Click on the green ‘Test Connection’ button.

If the word ‘Success’ appears just below the button, you have successfully connected your SMTP to the Mautic marketing application. Now is the time to add your email list to Mautic.

3. Upload Your Email List to Mautic

You must have done with the email validation before. In Mautic, email lists are called segments. You’ll see a menu bar on the left side if you are in the dashboard.

1. Select “Segments.” to create a new email list.

2. Click on the ‘New’ button to the right.

3. Give name, alias, and description to your list.

Also, your public status and published status should be yes. Now that you have created an empty email list, you can send bulk emails with Mautic.

4. Go to ‘Contacts’ from the left menu bar and click on the down-arrow to import your contacts using the .csv file. Choose file and click on ‘Upload.’

5. Enter all the relevant information about your email list. And click on the ‘Import in background’ button now.

Congrats! You have successfully imported your email list into Mautic. Now, you can start building your email marketing campaigns and send bulk emails to your subscribers.

4. Create Bulk Campaign on Mautic

Creating a bulk campaign in Mautic is a great way to reach more people with your message at once. This section will show you how to create a campaign to send bulk emails with Mautic.

Follow these steps to create a bulk campaign on Mautic:

1. Log into your Mautic account and navigate to the Channels page.

2. Click the ‘New’ campaign button.

3. Select ‘New Segment Email’ because you want to create a bulk campaign. The bulk email campaign wizard will appear.

4. Select your favorite template and enter the campaign information.

It contains numerous drag-and-drop tools for adding photos, buttons, and other elements to emails. Email campaigns created with Mautic include buttons for managing preferences and unsubscribing. Additionally, you can visit “Builder” to start from scratch when creating your email.

5. Save and close the window now.

If you go to the ‘Emails’ section and click on the down-arrow button, you’ll see the ‘Send’ button to send bulk emails with Mautic. In seconds, your bulk campaign will start.

5. Schedule Your Bulk Email Campaign on Mautic

How will Mautic choose the best time to send my email? Well, based on the day and hour you schedule it for, it will automatically send your bulk email campaign.

To do this, select a template under “Emails.” Then select the “Publish” date and time by clicking the right side of your dashboard. There you have it, then!

You must first set your time zone, though. Otherwise, your campaign will be scheduled at the incorrect time. You need also to set up a cron job.


*/10 * * * * root /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/mautic/app/console/ mautic:broadcasts:send


Your server will send your bulk email campaign at the proper time if you add this code to the cron job. By changing the “End date” and “Stop after mailing” boxes, you can halt the campaign before it expires.

The cron job will only execute when the queued campaigns are ready to be sent. The queued campaigns will be sent the next time the cron job runs if for some reason it doesn’t.

Summary: How to Send Bulk Emails With Mautic

Music makes it easy to send mass emails to your subscribers at an affordable cost. In this Mautic guide, I have explained the entire process in detail. Let me break it down for you here.

  • Download and install Mautic.
  • Configure your SMTP server.
  • Upload your email list.
  • Create and send bulk email campaigns.

That’s it! You have now learned how to send unlimited emails with Mautic. I hope you found this post helpful. Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions.


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