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Creating sales funnels is a critical component of any digital marketing plan. However, in order to get your sales funnels just perfect, you must employ the greatest tools. You’ve done your homework and know exactly what you want to create, but which platform should you use?

The obvious choice is ClickFunnels, but is it the best one? This guide to the best ClickFunnels alternative will assist you in making that decision. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Clickfunnels as well as how its features and price compare to those of its competitors.

Ready to find out which funnel builder is your best friend? Let’s get started!

What is ClickFunnels?

A platform for creating sales funnels is called ClickFunnels. It provides a variety of lead generation, marketing automation, and capture features. Online business owners can use these features to convert viewers into leads, who can then become customers.

ClickFunnels helps you:

  • Control the full customer journey with sales funnels
  • Design beautiful landing pages and forms to gather leads
  • Integrate with autoresponders to follow up with viewers
  • Run A/B tests to optimize your conversions
  • Sell products with a smart shopping cart and 1-click upsells
  • Automate your email and Facebook marketing strategies

It’s a lead conversion tool for your online business, not just a sales funnel builder. Does it, however, contain everything you require? How much will it cost you, exactly?

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

Without a doubt, ClickFunnels is a helpful piece of software for anyone looking to create pages or gather and convert leads. But what about online products and email marketing?

Let’s get right into why ClickFunnels might not be for you since I know you’re here looking into alternative options.

Here are some challenges that ClickFunnels has:

  • Lists of contacts and emails to manage
  • Create and maintain blogs
  • Develop and market online courses
  • Make membership sites unique
  • Simple affiliate management

Although ClickFunnels has third-party integrations and other tools designed to support these needs, they are at best cumbersome.

With ClickFunnels, you’re supposed to be able to build stunning funnels in a matter of minutes, but if you’ve never used it before, it can be quite challenging.

While there are many templates available, a few of them appear dated, and the user interface as a whole is a little awkward. The tools that come with membership courses are cumbersome and may aggravate your students.

Finally, ClickFunnels’ customer support is inconsistent. While some of their users report positive interactions, many encounter difficulties that take a while to resolve.

However, ClickFunnels’ pricing is fairly clear-cut. There are 3 plans: The Two Comma Club X, Platinum, and the fundamental ClickFunnels plan. The features and resources of ClickFunnels are all more accessible to them all.

clickfunnels alternative

Unfortunately, there is no free plan on this platform. You can sign up for ClickFunnels’s 14-day free trial to get some idea of what this software has to offer. You won’t get access to all of the features though. the best ClickFunnels alternative

Fortunately, ClickFunnels isn’t your only choice for funnel creation and marketing automation. It’s time to look at the best ClickFunnels alternative:

This software has all of the funnel-building features you need, as well as a slew of extras.’s Features

Let’s go over’s features so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Sales Funnels

Building funnels is simple with There are several clever features included in the drag-and-drop editor that enable you to personalize your pages. Numerous templates are available, and thanks to mobile responsive technology, they will virtually all display flawlessly on any screen.

clickfunnels alternative

Because everything is connected, any new leads that are added to your contact list and tagged based on their behaviors after entering your sales funnel will be done so immediately. Use segmentation, personalization, and an infinite number of communications in email marketing to turn prospects into customers.

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Marketing Automation

With, expanding your business rapidly requires little work. You can automatically gather leads, sign them up for campaigns, and make product sales to them after setting up rules and triggers.

clickfunnels alternative

By enabling you to design multi-step processes, goes a step further. With these, the converting process is automated, saving you valuable time.

Other Features

The fact that is more than simply a funnel builder is its finest feature. Other capabilities on this platform might help the rest of your internet business as well.

Online Courses and Membership Sites

With, creating online classes and membership sites has never been simpler. The drag-and-drop editor makes adding content quick and easy while providing members full or tiered access. All in one spot, create, market, and sell access.

clickfunnels alternative

Affiliate Management

Turn your audience into a marketing force that promotes your company on your behalf. Your affiliates and rewards can be tracked and managed centrally. Thousands of people can notice your products by adding them to the marketplace on

Websites and Blogs

Create your website quickly by using tested templates. With direct connectors between your website, email list, payment methods, and items, facilitates online commerce.’s Pricing

With, you can start without paying anything at all! The Freemium plan has no time limit and gives you access to all the resources you need to launch your business.

These attributes are part of the Freemium Plan:

  • 3 sales funnels with 10 steps
  • 1,000 contacts, 1 tag, 1 email campaign
  • 1 automation rule and 1 workflow
  • 1 membership site with unlimited members
  • Unlimited emails, file storage space, and blog posts
  • An A/B test, 1-click upsell, order bump, and coupon code
  • And more!

That will allow you to fully test out this potent platform. The Startup, Webinar, and Enterprise plans are your options if you want access to more of’s capabilities.

clickfunnels alternative

The Startup plan costs $27 monthly and gives you access to more capabilities and management of up to 5,000 contacts. If your small but well-established business is wanting to expand, this is a fantastic alternative.

With even more capabilities, up to 10,000 contacts, and evergreen webinars to automate your business, the Webinar plan costs $47 per month. This strategy is intended for mid-sized companies who want to grow and scale.

You may use all of’s capabilities at any time with the Enterprise package, which costs $97 per month. It also includes free migration, up to 15,000 contacts, and a 1-on-1 coaching session to help you and your partner get started. This is the best strategy if you want all the bells and whistles.

Side-by-side comparison is the undisputed victor when it comes to pricing. It has a much wider range of functionality than ClickFunnels. You can easily create funnels with, which also integrates your email marketing. In contrast, ClickFunnels provides a tonne of page templates to increase conversions. can also be used to build online courses and manage an affiliate program. To do this, ClickFunnels requires a number of third-party connectors. So it should be clear why I suggest It really is simple to use and has an incredible price.


Choose if you want an all-in-one web marketing solution. When compared to ClickFunnels, it provides a lot more capability and has other features that might be very helpful to you as your company expands. Additionally, the 14-day free trial offered by ClickFunnels might not be sufficient for newbies.

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