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12 Tips For Dramatically Increasing Your Email Open Rate

Many people say the money is on the list!

A list of subscribers is useless if no one opens your messages, though.

When done correctly, email marketing can be a virtual money maker.

However, you must first establish your list by collecting emails before you start entrancing your followers and earning large dollars.

Popup Domination and OptiMonk are two outstanding tools for accomplishing this.

Our subscriber count has risen by as much as 524% thanks to Popup Domination in the past.

However, having a large subscriber base is only one component of a successful email marketing strategy.

Nearly as awful as having no email list at all is having one with a poor open rate.

That’s what we’ll talk about today.

How to not only get your emails opened but for your subscribers to look forward to receiving them.

12 Tips For Dramatically Increase Your Email Open Rate

“a viable email marketing strategy for bloggers”

#1. Make It Personal


These days, our inboxes frequently overflow with junk messages and quickly fill up. We all cope with it.

When we join up for a newsletter or product that seems promising, we are immediately bombarded with spam and affiliate offers.

Finding their names is one of the most common tactical strategies people employ to filter out the garbage.

Ensure that you are capturing first names when you capture emails and that you are personalizing subject lines with the first name. This instantly attracts attention and subtly increases trust.

What is the best way to start an email?

Ever wondered what the best way to start an email is?

#2. To Increase Email Open Rate – Use Enticing Subject Lines

Although it should go without saying, I frequently see marketers utilizing unimaginative headlines.

Just last week, I gave advice to a friend who is just getting started in online marketing. I advised him to enter the industry because he is a natural salesman.

Since I am aware of his lack of sales experience, I enquired as to what specifically was assisting him in coming up with catchy headlines.

He immediately responds, “Sea-puck.” CPUQ, which stands for controversy, power words, urgency, and questions, is what he meant.

The only styles you need to use to create captivating headlines are those two. Here is an illustration of each:


#3. Offer Real Value Consistently

You’d think this would be apparent given how I began this piece by comparing email marketing to a cash register.

Even if I still think that’s a perfect example, you have to recognize that it can only be achieved by starting with excellent material and continuing on after that.

People will look forward to your products and recommendations once they realize how much you care and how much you actually want to spread accurate information around the world.

But bombarding your list with offers nonstop can quickly get you flagged as spam or unsubscribed. Only those with LARGE, 100k+ subscriber lists who can afford to lose a few subscribers can get away with it.

#4. Build A Relationship With The Reader

Building solid relationships is the best strategy for managing your internet reputation. That extends beyond email marketing; it should be the aim of every online engagement you have.

Holding oneself to a high quality will show in your job because you are the best representative of your brand.

Your numerous pieces of content will receive excellent feedback from customers, testimonials, and pleasant comments. It’s always good for brand management to have devoted supporters who can silence detractors for you.

Loyalty can’t be purchased; it has to be earned.

In the end, you are creating a brand!

#5. Have An Open Loop

You get to hone your storytelling abilities, which makes these enjoyable.

In essence, you arouse interest by giving the sense that you are going to divulge some remarkable revelation and, by continually returning to the start of your story, you make them wait till the following day.

Even though you’re providing information, you’re hiding it.

Here’s a really brief illustration, for instance. In actuality, what I’m about to demonstrate to you is something that took me two years of diligent web research and thousands of dollars in items intended to put my business on auto-pilot.

Then it finally hit me—I was about to declare bankruptcy!

What I found was so glaringly obvious and easy that I made over $4k on my first day. And I wasn’t charged anything for it.

To notice a 720% boost in traffic, all I had to do was use Google Trends and Open Loops; it was that effective. I could go on and on forever.

My acquaintance, who had been marketing for years, was unaware of it and dismissed the idea of quality free traffic.

I then demonstrated to his younger sibling, a total “noob.” He’s the only 17-year-old I know that drives an M3 that he purchased with cash, I have to admit.

Google trends and open loops are not terrible, are they?

You’ll want to research how to replicate what this 17-year-old did. Tomorrow, I’ll go into more detail.

See what I did there?

How to get more clicks from your emails.

You shouldn’t be surprised, but I do find that it is.

Make sure that your email’s link content and subject line are the same.

(after all, they opened the email because of the subject line)

Use it as your email’s link text if your subject line is “What You Must Do Immediately To Rank In Google.”

Exceptions will occur.

It’s sometimes preferable to use “embedded commands” like click, watch, read, open, or download.

The effectiveness of an email can be greatly improved by using a “command.”

People prefer to be instructed on what to do.

They are more inclined to follow instructions if you tell them what to do.

#6. Have A Double Opt-in

Your list will be smaller with a double opt-in, I realize it’s difficult to pick between list size and list quality, and I’ll be honest with you about that.


It’ll be much better in quality!

Consider this: Your subscriber has just shown that they are opening and clicking your links. They are sincerely interested in whatever you have to give.

You can support yourself without having a sizable clientele if you provide something of exceptional value. Don’t forget to thank your subscriber for jumping through a few hoops by rewarding them.

#7. Get Mobile Optimized

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and there is a growing perception that in the near future we will only use phones for activities like email, work, shopping, etc.

As of April of last year, 43% of all email sent or received worldwide was opened on a mobile device, with 133.7 million Americans alone owning smartphones.

More people than ever before check their email on their phones…

Additionally, if all of the links in your emails point to non-mobile-optimized websites, recipients will stop clicking on them since it is annoying.

#8. For a high email open rate, Clean Up Your List

It’s common to have inactive subscribers, but occasionally they only need a reminder.

There are two basic techniques you can employ…

Sending them an email to confirm their want to be on your list is the first step. Through Aweber or another auto-responder, you can accomplish this.

The second thing I do is add a subscriber to a different list so they won’t receive daily mail after a month of inactivity.

If neither of those emails is opened, I’ll send them one more daily email blast and a reconfirmation 7–14 days later, after which I’ll remove them entirely. Usually, the “list segment” feature of your autoresponder allows you to automate the entire procedure.

#9. Remain Consistent With Delivery Time

When I sent emails at random times instead than at the same time every day, the open rate was substantially lower.

Every major auto-responder has the option to schedule the delivery of your message for a particular day and time.

I frequently use Aweber and set my follow-up emails to “send one day after prior,” which sends at the same time the recipient of the previous email signed up. Make sure to queue up a number of emails in advance.

#10. To increase email open rate – Run Split tests

You can conduct numerous split tests to determine what resonates best with your audience if the majority of your material is the same for all subscribers.

I’ll experiment with a variety of mail-out times dependent on the time of day in PST, EST, and GMT. For each timezone, I usually test the mail-out times at 8 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm before setting my broadcasts to the busiest periods.

The second is to test which email format is opened the most frequently and use that format more often in the subject lines.

The final thing to test is whether communications originating from me or the brand are better. Normally, having a person sign off on your emails is preferred, but I’ve seen instances where this isn’t the case, so I always test.

#11. For a High Email Open Rate – First Impressions Count

How often have you heard the phrase “initial impressions matter”?

They are, after all, and this also applies online. Your initial impression is your best chance to gain credibility and guarantee that subsequent emails are opened.

Giving up great material like problem-solving reports, infographics, podcasts, and videos is essential if you’re using a tidy email collection tool like Popup Domination to attract visitors and grow your list.

#12. Have A Second Lead Magnet

The following tip I have is perhaps one of the best I’ve ever used to significantly boost open rates.

A brilliant and highly successful strategy for getting your emails opened and read is to create a second lead magnet in the shape of an eCourse, audio, or video series spread out over several days.

With their Free 7 Day Money Making eCourse, Income Diary uses a very similar strategy.

Simply polling your list occasionally is a terrific approach to improve your relationship with them.

This will make it easier to pinpoint precisely what issue your audience is trying to solve. Make it a point to over-deliver on the remedy once you’ve determined what that “issue” is.

Always empathize with and respect your reader. You’ll have no problem earning a living online if offering high value is 100% of your mission,

Don’t meet expectations, exceed them!

Success by choice, not by chance.

– David Aston



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